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My name is Kayla Bridget Williams-Maclean and I am the owner and creator of Netsektok Studio. I am a 29-year-old freelance artist, graphic designer, traveller and single mom. I am a self-taught artist ever since I could hold a pencil!

I started Netsektok (pronounced like nat-siq-tuuq) Studio as a way for myself and my community members from Sandwich Bay Area in Labrador to have a place to sell our arts and crafts online.  Making and selling crafts is a huge source of income for many people on the coast and I have seen a lot of elders especially who have suffered in a decrease in sales since the pandemic started. Ever since I first created my online shop I had a dream of being able to share some of my community’s crafts online for the rest of the country to buy. I have only just started this venture so bare with me as I work on expanding my inventory to include other artists. Keep checking back for more and watch us on Facebook at Netsektok Studio


if you are an artist in Labrador and would like your crafts posted in my shop please send me an email at info@netsektok.com

More about me below

that’s me down there 👇 

Netsektok was one of the original Inuktitut names of the area around my family’s home, now known as Sandwich Bay in Labrador, Canada. It had several alternative spellings that I know of like Netshucktoke and Natsitok. The meaning is ‘place where there are many ringed seals.’
When George Cartwright and other explorers first got a mission to map out the Labrador coast, they were given a map of Labrador with its already established names by the Moravian missionaries stationed in the area, who had gotten the info from Inuit who had been living and hunting there for a long time before. They took record of these names and then went on to rename most places to something that was easier for them to say. I have given this name Netsektok for the name of my art studio located in what is known as Cartwright, NL as a way to help bring it back and pay respect to the original stewards and caretakers of our Big Land. I will share the documents I have found regarding this info in the future.🙂 Inuit from Netsektok are referrred to as ‘Netcetumiut’ , ‘the sealing people’

My goal for this business is to allow other Labrador crafters to showcase their work alongside of my own paintings, so that we have a safe place to post and sell our wares. If you know any Labrador artists who are looking for more places to sell their work send me a message. 🙂

Enjoy some personal family photos and head over to the Labrador Artist Bios for more about our artists here at Netsektok Studio

My great grandma BRIDGET Jacque from Makkovik

me as a baby, parka made by my grandma Elsie Williams 

me, 4 or 5
My and my great grandma
me and my great grandma , Bessie Bridget Jacque Williams

 My poppy. Edgar Hamel
My great grandma is on the bottom left with her parents and siblings :)
My great grandparents Bridget and Henry John Williams
Bridget and Henry John Williams at their home in Cartwright, Labrador.
My great grandparents x4
Joseph goudie and his wife